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Is Coaching for me?

Knowing that I am engaged in the coaching practice, my friend asked me to fix an employee problem. She said, "I have a team member who does not deliver quality output consistently and is driving me crazy. Maybe you can help me coach her. Her name is Jane." I told her that I am not sure whether coaching will help solve this problem unless I have a chance to talk with Jane to understand what's bothering her at the moment and find answers to these questions.

1 )Are you aware of the need to change?

2) Are you ready for a change?

3) Are you willing to explore options and try something new?

If all the questions are answered with a big positive "yes", maybe we can schedule some time to sit with Jane and see what she thinks of having someone to coach her.

I was also joking with my friend that she herself might need some coaching on composure at the moment!! Anyway, I did have the chance to talk with Jane. I belief coaching will benefit her because Jane is:

1) aware of the need to change- She is frustrated about not being able to deliver the expected quality output and it would impact her professional reputation if the situation continues. She cares a lot about people's perception of her ;

2) ready for a change - she said her readiness to change is 10 out of 10 because she knows she is at risk in her growth ; and

3) willing to try something new - she has tried various ways of improving and still open to more options

We had great rapport in our first meeting. Jane was happy that her manager endorsed this opportunity and supported her development. We have decided to spend four more sessions to explore her beliefs, capabilities and interpersonal behaviours that might affect her performance. At the end of all sessions, she reflected about the takeaways. Jane felt energised, increased personal confidence and gained insights about herself when in stress. She was happy that she had someone to bounce back ideas and listened to. My friend recognised her change too.

My Coaching strategy was to:

1) help her reduce frustration and anxiety, eliminate any negative self talks

2) help her explore for herself what's blocking her performance in both psychological and environmental factors

3) help her overcome mental blocks that get in her way

4) help her set specific goals on what needs to change

5) listen to her different options and encourage the experimentation process

6) track progress and celebrate with her the progress

Coaching is a journey of personal and professional discovery. To realise the true benefits of this journey, you must have the desire to risk, learn, and stretch to your potential. In most leadership coaching situations, the real objective is to help successful people become even more effective. It's about challenging individuals and encouraging them to be open to change, to step up and to change their behaviour.

​Coaching might be a solution if you are looking for answers to any of these questions.

1. How do I prepare myself to take on a broader leadership role?.

2. How do I move from operational manager to strategic leader?

3. What can I do to be successful in my new role/job

4. How to get teams collaborate ?

5. How do I maximise my team performance?

6. How to move my business forward ?

7. We have a strategy but no one is making it happen, how should I move forward?​

8. How to get alignment in our change initiatives?

9. How to improve my interpersonal or communication skills?

10. How to strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being?

" I'd like to invite you to experience coaching- would you be interested?"

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