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 My specialities include working with HR Lead, COO and CEO to....

1) build talent pools for senior management roles

2) increase employee engagement

3) develop job competencies to raise performance standards

4) transform a product oriented culture to a service focus one

This case  tells you how I have helped a client raise their

people performance level to meet future business growth. 

Anchor 1
I use Performance Consulting  Approach to guide implementation
​Step 1: Situation/Performance Analysis 
1) What is happening? 
2) What should be happening instead? 
3) What is the difference between what is and what should? ( performance gaps ) 
4) What has been done so far and what's still missing?
Step 2: Setting Improvement Goals/Direction
5) What do we want to see differently as a result of our intervention?
6) What key measures and metrics to track goal achievement?
Step 3: Design for Improvement
7) What are the implementation strategies ?
8) What might be the solutions: learning and non-learning related?
Step 4: Implementation
9) What is the roadmap and resources needed in the implementation process?
10) Who are the key stakeholders and owner of the implementation process and outcome? 
11) What is the project plan, milestones and deliverables? 
Step 5: Impact
12) How well did the implemented intervention achieve desired and measurable results?
If you are looking for partnership in supporting your people agenda, Contact me to discuss
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