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I'm New Leader-
Discovering the Leader in You
New Leader

This  leadership development initiative is designed for managers who are new to managerial positions, or technical experts who move to frontline leadership positions. This is a group coaching session. We will focus on one topic that is relevant for the entire group in each session.   Each participant will commit on one thing they would implement. The success of the programme is measured by the results attained stipulated by each participant. See Sample Program Outline


All the coaching services are tailored to your needs. This can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or group format. We can come up with a program which matches your specific objectives, preferred meeting approach, budget and timeline. 

High Potential

This is a customised 1:1 coaching approach for managers or leaders transitioning into future roles. We follow these steps in the process:

1. Define the expected outcome with the individual and those engaged in the developmental process.

2. Utilise assessment tools and/or interviews to identify strengths and  areas of change 

3. Explore what is important to the individual, assess capabilities, reframe thoughts and beliefs

4. Brainstorm possible options to meet the capability needs of the future role

5. Create a goal-action- resources- time plan and check for commitment level

The coaching program normally has a fixed duration, depending on the coaching objectives.  The objectives and duration need to be clearly contracted up front. 

I'm High Potential-
Expanding Capabilities

"When it comes to getting the best out of teams and fully engaging employees, a coaching style gets results. Through coaching, managers can encourage learning on the job, which ensures they get work done while also developing their team.”  Financial Times 'We want Coaching', say High fliers. Read more


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