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Group Coaching Sessions for Technical Experts who move to Frontline Leadership 


Instead of paying attention to the "people aspect" of their new role, it is common for newly promoted Technical leaders continue to do what they've always done- work on their own projects and technical skills. Whether they are in IT, Finance, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, they have to recognise instead of just focusing on  own skills and successes, it is imperative to focus on the skills and successes of team. The challenge is having a different mindset about achieving leadership success through people.

Coaching Focus:

The most successful leaders are those with the best people skills, especially during the most difficult circumstances. Poor communication and interpersonal relationships routinely thwart leaders who are otherwise technically competent. In order to succeed, leaders must be fully engaged with the individuals who make up their organisation. 

1. Develop your personal identity as a leader- What do you want people to say about you as a leader? Who do you want to be? Any role models you aspire to?


2. Understand about yourself: What do you believe about yourself, your capabilities, your team, the organisation? Do you have beliefs that are holding you back? How do you know that?


3. Learn about capabilities: What capabilities do you need to be able to do your new job? What capabilities do you already have? What do you want to add to your repertoire? Would any of your existing capabilities serve you in other areas. e.g. Empathy, Optimism, Empowering etc

4. Explore the behaviour you need to demonstrate in these areas to support the environment you are in 

-Communicate Job Expectations

-Manage Performance Results

-Motivating and Building Team Trust

-Influencing Change


  •  Small group session maximum 8 persons

  •  Each session is around 2 hours for 8 sessions focusing on one of the themes mentioned above

  • A concluding session to share and celebrate success

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