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Facilitate Team Alignment Sessions 

The aim of these sessions would be to

- resolve team conflicts

- re-build team trust

- identify team strengths

- build a solid team performance culture

This case tells you how I have helped a client 

refocused team efforts and collaboration.

Team Workshop- Building Team Trust - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) Application 


" Here's what I am like- what are you like? What does this mean for working together?" 


This is a one day workshop with the objective to help team members:

- understand own personality style and preferences

- appreciate each other's differences and learn how to cope with each other

- leverage each other's "strengths" in working together 

- bond to one another

- agree on how to work with each other effectively

Check out the video for more information about MBTI

Team Leader Coaching

Team Leader 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Key Focus: An exploration journey to discover how

-  to facilitate team commitment and participation

-  to build a solid trust and high performing culture

-  to identify team strengths

-  to motivate team engagement 

-  to clarify team goals, roles accountability 


All the above services can be tailored to your needs. Together, we can come up with a program which matches your specific objectives, preferred meeting approach budget and timelines. Contact me to discuss
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